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Hankow Road Acquistion news

in Prince Edward into a 4,000 square feet Concept Studio to showcase the collection until August 27.

For example, in Singapore, the polluted Singapore River was no longer used for trading activities as large-scale container ports gained prominence.

Every city has pockets of underused land or distressed urban areas, most often the result of changes in urban growth and productivity patterns. In developing countries, which are absorbing 90 percent of the world’s urban population growth, decaying inner cities are home to an increasing number of poor and vulnerable citizens. These areas marginalize and exclude residents, and can have a long-term negative effect on their upward mobility.

Hankow Road

Once-bustling Hankow Road has taken a hit from the pandemic

Just two months after announcing a residential project with SC Capital on Ap Lei Chau Island, a Hong Kong redevelopment specialist on Thursday unveiled a joint venture with BentallGreenOak and Schroders Capital to develop a commercial project in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Together with its global fund manager partners, Lofter Group is paying over HK$1.5 billion ($190 million) to acquire a set of properties at 31-37 Hankow Road in the Kowloon shopping district, with plans to construct a 115,800 square foot (10,7589 square metre) project on the site, the company said in a statement.

“We are pleased to be partnering with BentallGreenOak and Schroders Capital on this strategic real estate acquisition in one of the most core commercial area in Hong Kong,” said Lofter founder and chairperson Carol Chow. “The partnership signifies an excellent synergy bringing together the global horizons of top-tier international private equity and asset management firms and deep local market knowledge and expertise of a reputable local developer.”

Lofter and its partners are acquiring the aging properties as Hong Kong’s pandemic restrictions have choked off the flow of visitors which had made Tsim Sha Tsui a shopping mecca. Hong Kong retail sales fell for a second consecutive month in March, according to government figures, and research by Savills shows that rents for shops and mall spaces fell by an average of 5 percent in the city during the first quarter.

SINGAPORE, July 13, 2016 – The single most crucial component in rejuvenating decaying urban areas around the world is private sector participation, according to a report released today from the World Bank and the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) during the World Cities Summit taking place in Singapore this week.

“Capitalizing on the Singapore River’s historical importance and potential for redevelopment, the government launched a transformational program that preserved cultural heritage, improved the environment, and opened the area for recreational pedestrian use. Similar efforts elsewhere can rejuvenate cities and regional economies,” said Jordan Schwartz, Director of the World Bank’s Infrastructure & Urban Development Hub, based in Singapore.

Building on the experience of cities from different regions around the world, the report looks at projects for inner cities, former industrial or commercial site, ports, waterfronts, and historic neighborhoods. While the cases vary in many aspects, what they have in common is significant private sector participation in the regeneration and rehabilitation of deteriorating urban areas.

“Urban regeneration projects are rarely implemented solely by the public sector. There is a need for massive financial resources that most cities can’t meet,” said Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, Senior Director for the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice. “Participation from the private sector is a critical factor in determining whether a regeneration program is successful – programs that create urban areas where citizens can live, work, and thrive.”

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歷史發展: 1959年,香港乒乓球運動取得重大突破,容國團在第25屆世界乒乓球比賽中贏得了男子單打冠軍 六、七十年代,香港乒乓球運動蓬勃發展,曾獲得男子高、中級組團體冠軍和女子高級組亞軍、初級組冠軍。 近期成績: 香港乒乓球隊在第25屆亞洲乒乓球錦標賽中勇奪1銀3銅,包括女子雙打銀牌(朱成竹/李皓晴)和混合雙打兩項銅牌(黃鎮廷/杜凱琹、何鈞傑/李皓晴)。 此外,香港乒乓球隊在其他國際賽事中也有不少


籃球作爲全球最受歡迎的運動之一,吸引了無數的觀衆和愛好者。然而,隨著籃球比賽的商業化和利益的增加,比賽中的做假行爲也成爲一個嚴重的問題。梁智基教這些行爲不僅損害了比賽的公平性,還破壞了籃球運動的精神和文化。爲了維護籃球的純潔性和公正性,避免做假行爲至關重要。本文將探討如何在籃球體育比賽中避免做假,從加强監管、技術防範、提高道德教育和國際合作四個方面進行探討。 #### 一、加强監管和法律措施 首先


### 如何在足球體育比賽中避免做假 在現代體育世界中,足球是一項全球性的運動,吸引了數以億計的觀衆和粉絲。然而,隨著足球運動的商業化和全球化,一些不法分子和機構利用各種手段進行假比賽,影響比賽的公正性和體育精神。爲了維護足球的純潔性和公平性,避免做假行爲至關重要。本文將探討如何在足球體育比賽中避免做假,從加强監管、技術防範、提高道德教育和國際合作四個方面進行探討。 #### 一、加强監管和法律措


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